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Questions about Bath, Sandwich, Greenwich Park, the Natural History Museum and Brighton

1. What did the Romans famously build in Bath? (The clue is in the question!)
2. How long does it take to get to Sandwich?
3. Is Greenwich Park north or south of the river?
4. If you want to go from Whitechapel to the Natural History Museum on the underground, which line do you take? Which stop do you get off at?
5. Can you find Brighton on the map?
6. Which of the places are by the sea?
7. Which of the places are in London?
8. Which city is built on an old volcano?
9. Where can you find the Royal Pavilion? What does it look like?
10. Where can you see a dinosaur skeleton?
11. What is the Maritime Museum about?
12. Where is Horseworld?

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All kinds of people visit the Natural History Museum because there are lots of things to see.
There are different types of famous people’s models and pictures on the wall. There are so many types of dinosaur, some of which were very large. There are also many types of human skeleton.
How to get there: You can go by train, bus, coach, taxi, and private car. If you go from Whitechapel then you can take District line from Whitechapel to High Street Kensington. You can also take the 25 bus from Aldgate to Oxford Street and then you can take either bus number 19 or number 40. This map shows the exact location of the museum.

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Greenwich Park is near the old Royal Naval College and National Maritime Museum it is on the south bank of the river Thames in the south east of London.

The easy way to go to this park is to take the mainline trains from Canon Street, Waterloo, London Bridge and Black heath. For me the DLR from Shadwell is the easy and quick way because it comes every ten minutes.

The Maritime Museum is open every day but at different times. There are lots of exhibits relating to the history of Britain at sea. Entry is free.

When you visit this place with your children you can find nice and interesting things like green spaces where you can enjoy and relax or the Museum where you can learn about the history of Britain.
That means you can kill two birds with one stone.

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Brighton is a pretty place. It is situated in the South East of England, in East Sussex. This town has a nice mix of green scenery and the beach.
Brighton is a historical place where you can find lots of museums like The Fishing Museum, The Natural History Museum and Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, but the distinctive one is The Royal Pavilion in the middle of Brighton. It was built in 1784 by George IV, Prince of Wales, for his wife Maria Fitzherbert who he had married in secret. Lots of tourists visit this beautiful palace because of the architectural style; it looks like an Indian building from outside, however the fanciful inside is designed by both Chinese and Indian craftsmen, in Islamic style.
To get to Brighton, it is best if you take a train from London Bridge. It takes about one hour and it costs £17. You can go there and return to London in the same day, but if you enjoy the place and want to spend more time relaxing there, one nice hotel is De Vere Grand. There are lots of pretty hotels there and you can visit more places like the old town, where you can still find small cottages.
You can also visit the new Brighton marina. It is very popular in the summer when you can find lots of cafes and shops and buy souvenirs.

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Sandwich Town

Sandwich is a very beautiful town; it’s close to the sea in south east of England.
In Sandwich they have many places to spend a very nice holiday for the all family. You can find:


1-On site facilities like:
Chemical disposal point – Dishwashing – Pets allowed – Disabled facilities – Toilets – Shower – Children’s play area – Laundrette – Gas……

2-On site facilities like:
Food shops – Restaurant – Take away food – Indoor heated pool – Fishing – Golf course – Not Sunday beach……..


For your children you can go to the balloon Sandwich and there they have a pool and both outdoor games and indoor activities.


• Train line: you can get there by train from London Charing Cross on South Eastern Trains.
• The journey takes about two hours
• Trains leave about every half hour.
• To get there you have to pay for two adults and two children £72.60
• Two days is enough for me and my family and we love to visit Sandwich every summer.

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Bath is in the South West of England, in the Somerset countryside.

It is built in the mouth an extinct volcano. It’s a spa city with hot springs under the city. It still has the original Roman baths and remains.

What does this place have to offer?

1- One of the first places tourists visit is the famous Roman Baths. This great bath is filled with hot spa waters that were thought to be able to cure all ills.

2- Some museums and places to learn: The building of Bath Museum: This museum explains how and Bath was built, decorated and lived in. The Royal Crescent: The Royal Crescent is a n terrace of 30 town houses, built in shape. The Circus: This town planning was based on historical fantasy. Made up of three circular terraces of town houses. There are trees in the centre blocking the view a little but you can see how beautiful this place really is.

What is there for children?

Horseworld: families can enjoy exciting games, demonstrations, activities and food. Other events at Horseworld offer children the chance to take care of ponies, donkeys, horses, exercise their artistic skills at ceramic workshops and learn about the care of horses.

Bath Racecourse: organise family fun days throughout the year with a whole range of activities to keep the children occupied. The kids will be happy by the fun on offer while the adults can enjoy some quality racing.

How do you get there?

Bath is less than 2 hours from London, with good road and rail links. I think it is better by train. There are regular train services direct from London Paddington and Waterloo to Bath Spa Railway Station with an average journey time of around 90 minutes. Ticket per person around £50 but much cheaper if you buy early.

Coach: frequent services run from London Victoria coach station. Fare Type 2 adults and 2 children.: Day return: £55.50 Economy Return: £74 Standard Return: £80 Children under 3 years free.

Car: A short drive from M4/M5 motorways.

How much does it cost to stay there?

Bath has a lot of hotels & accommodation in so many ways. There is self catering, bed and breakfast, guest houses, farms, caravan, camping sites and hotels.

Camping sites: around £15 per person.

Farm: between £50 to £70 Capacity: 1-4 persons per Room / Unit.

Hotel: between £70 to £250 Capacity: 2-3 persons per Room / Unit. Personal booking services on 0844 847 5256 and they can make a reservation on your behalf.

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Bribery, By Fatima

If you are living in the UK, one of the things you must never do is to offer someone a bribe, because people in the UK do their job without expecting anything extra from the customer.

For example, when you go to the registry office to apply for a passport, the person behind the desk might tell you, “You need more documents for your application”. In some countries, you would almost automatically put your hand in your pocket and give him a note or two, in order for him to process your application. In the UK, however, if the person behind the counter says “You need more documents for your application,” he means exactly what he said.

I am not suggesting that all people in our countries expect things from you in order for them to do their job, but it is the case most of the time. In such countries, even when you are dealing with someone who does not take bribes, if you offer money to get a service you may hear the person say: “No thank you” and that will be the end of it. This is because everyone knows that bribery is something normal in this situation.

But in the UK it is another story. If you offer someone money in order to get a service you will hear the person say “Excuse me! Are you trying to bribe me?” and that may not be the end of the story, because in the UK bribery is taken as a personal insult. It is a serious offence that may lead to the court in some cases.

By Fatima

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When I came to London, the first thing which impressed me was the systematic way of life. On My way home from the airport, I noticed that roads, highways, shops, residential areas everything was very well organized. I was surprised that people could be so disciplined! What was the reason behind it?

Later, I realized that it was the power of law, which made people so civilized to maintain systematic way of life. Life in theUKis very systematic. Everyone must follow the rules and laws. If anyone breaks it he has to face a punishment. A penalty charge is a legal or official punishment for the violation of rule or law. There are many kinds of penalties in theUK. Parliament sets the maximum penalties for road traffic offences such as dangerous driving, skipping traffic lights, driving without seat belt or insurance, parking in a non parking area etc. Similarly, on the bus or tube, if anyone does not pay the fare, he will be liable to a penalty fare.

The reason why I know so much about penalties is that once my husband was a victim of a penalty charge. Actually it was twice. The first time he got a penalty for parking his car in the wrong place. He stopped the car on a restricted bus stop. Though it was for a few minutes, the road side camera took pictures of our car as evidence and later sent notice of a penalty charge of £55. The second time he got penalty for the same reason, but that time he had to pay double, because he forgot to pay the charge in time. So it was £110. It was really a bitter experience for us. I thought why do we have to pay so much money for that silly mistake? But we got a huge lesson from it. From that day, my husband always tries to be careful about where he parks the car. This is the reason why people maintain systematic life in this country.

Another thing which I noticed is the rubbish management. In theUKpeople put rubbish in three categories such as garden and food waste, recycling, and refusal. If anyone mixes this rubbish he has to pay a penalty charge for that mistake. InBangladeshwhere I come from people hardly cares about penalties. Because there is no system charge and the punishment system is not strong. As a result, the roads are full of traffic jams especially inDhaka. Though the people ofBangladeshhave got used to of it, if they cared about it life would be better and systematic likeUK. As I am getting to know all these rules and laws, it makes me optimistic that one dayBangladeshwill be as beautiful and well organized asUK.



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Signal, Signal, Signal

Everywhere signal

On the road or motorway

And on the highway

Even in the sports field

“It depends on our mind’’.

 We get signals everywhere but it depends on us whether we follow them or not. Back home inBangladesh, we were not used to obeying traffic signals. Though we have traffic signals on road, nobody follows them.

 I think it is because of our character, which results from our environment. We are more used to the words “have to” which means we are bound. Usually, there is some option in our country, for example, if someone is a relative of any powerful person (like high officials of government or Member of Parliament), he or she can avoid any strict rules. Also the rules are flexible for those who can afford to give a bribe. That’s why we don’t pay our attention to the signals.

 But the British people are worried about their safety. So they follow the traffic signals without even thinking. At the same time, everybody obeys the traffic rules seriously as there is no influence of power or money and the police will implement the rules strictly. Nobody can get away without points on their license or a penalty.

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In theUKtime is money. Everybody rushes in the tube station because they want to go on the time to work; also not all the people have their wages monthly some are paid by the hour.

If you are a visitor or tourist you can see how the people walk in the tube station or beside it. They have a business walk, they are like a soldiers. The people are busy all the time even when they are going home!

 If you are in tube station Keep moving and don’t stop suddenly. Remember there are lots of people behind you. Stay on the right of the escalator but if you are in rush you can walk up the escalator but on the left. Avoid the tourists in the tube station or pass them politely.

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