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Last week on you tube I watched sanjeev kapurs recipe of Paneer makhni.It looked so delicious that I detremined to make it my self. I tried at home it was really delicious……

cottage cheese 250gm

 tomato pure 1 medium can

cream 1 cup

cloves 4

cinnamon 2

cardamom 4

bay leaves 2

ginger paste 2 tea spoon

garlic paste 2 tea spoon

butter two cube

sugar 2 tea spoon

kasori methi (fenugreek ) powder 2 tea spoon

kasmiri red chilli (paprika) powder 2tea spoon

garam masala (hot spices)powder 2 tea spoon

Cut the cheese in small cube. Heat the butter in a pan,then put cloves,cinnamon,cardamom and bay leaves and stir it for couple of minutes then add ginger & garlic paste & stir again for few minutes. After that add the tomato puree, red chilli powder& salt (adjust to your taste) cover it and simmer for few minutes. Then add the cubed cheese, suger, kasori methi powder & garam masala powder cover it and bring back to simmer. After few minutes add the cream and simmer it again. After finish the cooking  garnish it with some coriander leaves.

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“I want to become a teacher,” I said to my mother when she insisted I choose Science for medicine.  I had no interest in science and medicine.  I wanted to read and teach Arts subjects.  I always had good result, except English.  I have been trying to improve it .Anyway I started my teaching academy when I finished high school.  I had been running my academy for thirteen years until I got married.  I enjoyed it a lot as a teacher and a friend of my little stars.  When I came toEnglandmy teaching turned in to student life once again but after two years, I became a teaching assistant, not bad .Now I am moving on to remove “assistant” from my teaching title. 

 I had only three students when I started my academy and within two months, I had twenty students with different ages and classes.  I like to teach foundation stage students but also enjoy primary age.  I like to listed their innocent imaginative stories, problems and love to solve their learning problems.  They share their important issues not only me but also with my sisters and mum. My family enjoyed listen to them .Sometimes they complained to my mum when I spoke to them rudely.  My mother always provides shelter when they did some thing wrong.  I was satisfied with the results of my students and their parents were so happy when their children got good positions in their classes. Sometimes we arranged parties and games after study. At the same time, I was a very strict teacher and never ignored their homework or any study matters.

 I wanted to start my teaching inUK.I thought that I only needed to improve my English and I could start but the reality was different.  First I started my English learning then I knew it takes ages to learn it properly .Secondly the  teaching method is totally different and challenging .Although For me its hard and long way ,but not impossible. Many times I lost my confidence that, I could not do it .My English has not been improving very much.  I was not only facing my educational problems but also some financial problems as well.  I could not afford full time or high fees.  I had only one thing that is trust in God.  My relativities think that finding a job is not a big deal.  I could not convince them why am I not doing any thing instead waste of time .I had no choice to gave them answers because they have no idea of the situation in UK.I need to do lots more study to become a teacher.

 I started voluntary work in a local school with new hope .I was sure I would find the right way to pursue my goal .I started work with the children, that gave me some positive motivation  and I was involve to learn new skills .Schools and the polices and lots of procedures  that I never new. .It seemed to me that an old friend with in new dress.  After some time I started a course that is basic requirement of teaching  .This course is really helpful for me and I am polishing my skill and building up my confidence .Now after finishing this course I fell I can do better my job then before .I feel my English  learning has been interrupted .

Finally, I started my teaching job inUK.  I found some information about teaching agencies .I completed their requirements and register with them.  .They were satisfied with my documents and with my answers in interview and gave me a job .At present I am a teaching assistant.

I was over the moon when I entered a school as a T.A .I am happy that I did  not change my direction .I am quite sure  that with the help of my teachers and further study I will become a teacher in UK . I will be able to work with my little heroes.

Saima Khan.

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From 2009- 2011, Heba carried out a study to better understand and explain the work we do. The study was organised and overseen by the Women’s Resource Centre with new economic foundation and was a Social Return on Investment study. You can read more here.

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To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day we asked participants to write about a woman that inspires them. 

One lady however, decided to be rebellious and use the exercise to write about her husband!

Here is a sampling of the results:



The woman who inspires me is my grandmother, Amate.

She had six boys and one daughter.

She did a lot of work for us and was a very nice and kind lady.

She work early every day – five o’clock in the morning ‘ to eat a breakfast of olive oil and honey on bread.

She had a farm as well as a family, and worked with cows, sheep and cattle. She would also go fetch water for us from a far off place.

For 32 years after her husband died in 1971 she continued to work the farm.

She passed away after 110 years of life.

She inspired me a lot and I will never forget her.

Still all my family talks about her.

by Zakia


Mohammed, a man who inspires me

When I first married and came to this country, it was difficult for me to speak the language.

I felt I couldn’t go out much because I didn’t speak English. Ioften spent whole days at home on my own because I felt too shy to go shopping and ask for what I want.

I asked my husband to help me, and he did.

He supported me to go through college, and helped me with my homework.

My English has improved very much.

He has also encouraged me to be independent.

At the moment I am studying English and hope soon I will get a job.



Begum Rokea                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Today someone told me about a special Bengali woman.

She was famous for women’s education inBangladesh.

Most of the Muslim families were not allowed to give girls education, and Begum was one of them. 

She was very interested in education but she wasn’t allowed to go to school.

At the age of 12, she was married.                                      

But luckily, her husband motivated her to get an education.

After finishing her education, she fought for Muslim women’s education rights.

She worked hard during her lifetime for women

For this reason,  she has inspired me.

by Safaa


My inspiration

The lady who inspires me is a woman who achieved in a world where men ruled.

Some say women were treated worse than animals during her time, but she was a strong lady who worked when other women rarely did.

She challenged the world she was living in, supporting her husband when others were against him.

She bravely did business in a man-owned world. Not only was she a business woman, she was a mother too.

She inspired and tried to teach her four daughters and gave them courage as well. 

She gave all of her wealth to support her husband’s cause – the prophet Mohammed – you can say she was the woman behind his success.

When I was 16 I didn’t get much support to be educated. 

Instead of standing up for myself, I got lazy and gave up.  I find Khadija inspiring because she was in a far worse struggle but was determined to do what felt right for her.

I believe now that it is important for a woman to be strong-willed. 

You can’t always rely on people to tell you what you can or can’t do.

We should believe in ourselves, like Khadija, and believe that we can achieve. 

If we are determined we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it.

by Jannath

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