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Are you feeling homesick? Do you miss special foods from your home country? Don’t worry, you can find everything in London!

I have been here for two years. When I came, my husband told me that you don’t need to be anxious about our Bangladeshi foods – you will get everything here, but it was really hard for me to believe his words. Then we went to Whitechapel for our lunch and we had all sorts of Bengali foods.

Sometimes I really don’t feel I am abroad, just because of Asian foods. You all know that London is a multicultural city. A variety of cultures are living here: different customs, dresses, foods as well. I am really amazed to feel how they think about different cultures.

I am really grateful to all Bangladeshi elder people who have been living here for a long time. They have established our country’s foods. When I visit Asian stores I am surprised to see all my favourite foods there. We get everything from these stores: all our lovely spices, vegetables, fishes, sweets and so many foodstuffs. Once I was visiting a Bangladeshi store for weekly shopping. I was looking around to the shop and was amazed when I saw sugar candy (Bengali name is Tal Misri). I was telling my husband “Just look at this I can’t believe it, everything is here!”

All Bangladeshi restaurants also bring our foods into the limelight. They welcome you with all mouth watering recipes. But it’s not just the Bangladeshi food if you were homesick for Moroccan food you can go to Edgware road, for Latin American food Elephant castle, for Indian and Pakistani food Ilford andGreen Street, for Turkish food go to Leyton.

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