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Laila’s special Salad

Tahini (Sesame paste) 2tbsp
Yougurt 4tbsp
Mayonaise 1 & 1/2 tbsp
Lemon+Black pepper+ Garlic cloves depend on your taste.

Shallow fry chapati/pita bread to make them crunchy. Break into salad of your choice.

Drizzle with dressing. It’s simple, tasty and healthy!

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First sessions of sector study.

In my first session in the sector study module. I had a brilliant time trying to draw feelings from putting my hand through a box and feeling the contents of it. It was my first experience drawing my feelings, I have enjoyed myself.
In the third session we had a trip to Southend –by- the see. I had good day out. It was an ice breaker for the students we got a bit relaxed. I talked to most of my colleagues, got to memorise some names even though I am terrible with names. I have enjoyed my first walk on the pier, the view was a bit disappointing due to the weather but never the less it was exciting. We were set the task by our tutor Josephine. We had to present our promenade of Southend as module expressing our feelings of the visit.
I was a bit confused at the start but when I was talking to my tutor she helped me see what Southend means to me I decided to make a module of my favourite spot in Southend.
My presentation went well apart from a few set backs with technology. I was happy with the tutors comments and feedback.

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3)  My learning style.

I have not considered doing something so basic in my learning life as a learning-style questionnaire.

 The questionnaire’s results indicate that I have a multimodal (VARK) learning preference. I have always believed that I am more of a visual learner; I was surprised that I actually scored lower on that particular learning style. I guess sometimes we need to do something basic to correct misconceptions about ourselves.

 I started assessing my goals through S.W.O.T. analysis much more frequently. It certainly has given me food for thought. It made me realise the skills I need to gain in order to get my degree. Moreover, it clarified my weaknesses, and the biggest one is I cannot say “NO” to other when they ask me for help.

the Kolb cycle, was an interesting diagram that made learning style very simple it confirmed that I learn faster when I experience things, then I will reflect on the experience. Learn from it then do it again with a better approach and more knowledge.


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1) A couple of weeks in built environment module.

This is all new for me. Today was our first lesson in the built environment module. The tutors set out their expectations and they told us about some of the things we would be doing. One of them is a lot of drawing.

Today we have been learning about architectural drawings like plans, sections and elevations their use. I was a little anxious the week before about the different usage, types of pens and pencils but I have been encouraged this week to use 2H 0.3mm pencil. My tutor has explained to me that I need to start drawing in order for me to choose the best tool. Although using the right pen or pencil will save time and paper, as long as my drawings are clear, clean and presentable, there is no need to panic.

Getting us to draw in class was great. I have learned a few tips that will save me time in the future. The tutors are all helpful and dedicated and good at teaching. I believe the books they recommended reading for this module were very useful. They enhanced what tutors were talking about in class.

My family were proud of me when I showed then my first attempts.

I figured out I need to practice drawing other buildings at home before been sure that I can put together architectural drawings.

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