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Kew Gardens


On Tuesday 1st October, we went to Kew Gardens. The week before we wrote a letter to say we are coming for free because we are a community group. On the day, we walked to Aldgate East station and traveled on the District line (green), destination Richmond. We got off one stop before Richmond, at Kew Gardens and walked to the gardens. The journey was about 45 minutes. In Kew Gardens, we saw a lot of trees: banana, papaya, jackfruit, tamaro, pineapple and mango, many many fruits and a lot of vegetables from all over the world. We saw cane sugar growing. We went in a big greenhouse and saw a lot of bamboo. It was very hot in the greenhouse and nice and clean. Many tourists were there from inside and outside London. It was a nice day and we really enjoyed it.

by Fathama Taz Zhoora and Sufia Begum

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