Following the success of the last four years, Heba Women’s Project is having its annual sponsored walk along the Thames on Sunday 22nd of June at 10.30 am. From Heba’s location in 164 Brick Lane to Buckingham Palace, Heba’s supporters are going to walk for 10 km, passing through the most famous London sights, such as Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge and London Eye, just to name a few. The walk will finish in Old Palace Yard and it will be followed by a relaxing picnic at St. James’s Park.Image

With the funds raised, Heba will keep empowering women from diverse cultural backgrounds by offering them a welcoming place in which to socialize and improve their skills in order to integrate in the everyday British life. Women at Heba are happy to attend Training programmes that include Spoken and Written English, IT, as well as Sewing and Garment Production, while having the possibility to benefit from the lovely Nursery providing quality childcare.

But, to keep offering these (and more) services Heba do need your help!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and… keep your most comfortable shoes ready! Anyone is welcome to get involved, men too!

Raise our handmade flag! Raise women’s aspirations of the East End! 

Regent’s Park

We went to Regents Park in winter.

We travelled by tube. We took the Circle Line (yellow) from Liverpool Street. It took about half an hour from leaving Heba to get there.

We had a picnic in the park then went to see the beautiful mosque. Some of us prayed there and it was interesting to see the mosque. The park was nice – we walked in the inner circle and the outer circle. We had a proper walk!

We went to Whitechapel Ideas Store. We walked there from Heba and it took about 12 minutes. It’s near big Sainsbury’s or Whitechapel Market, so it’s easy to go when we are shopping.

Faduma and Natalie came to Heba to talk to us about what our children can do in the Ideas Store and after that we went together. Parents should encourage children to read more and we can do different activities on different days at the Ideas Store, like after school book club, art club (Sundays)

2014 Sponsored Walk

Our 2014 Sponsored Walk will be on Sunday 22nd June.


Rushanara meets volunteers and staff


Heba women with Rushanara

We had a visit from Rushanara Ali MP. She came in International Women’s Week to talk to us about women making change and women in public life. We were very excited before she came and the teachers helped us prepare questions to ask her about her job and her life and her inspiration.

When she came she sat and talked to us and answered all our questions. We asked what is important for girls to grow up to be active and important like Rushanara, and we asked what made her choose politics and how she manages her job with her life. She told us about her mum and dad – her mum was always interested in her education and her exams, and her dad had an open mind and let her follow her interest, which was politics because she believed her school friends could have better opportunities if the country was run better. She works very long hours but she enjoys her life and she isn’t doing the same thing every day.

Rushanara stayed and had lunch with us and we had a happy Women’s Day together.

Kew Gardens


On Tuesday 1st October, we went to Kew Gardens. The week before we wrote a letter to say we are coming for free because we are a community group. On the day, we walked to Aldgate East station and traveled on the District line (green), destination Richmond. We got off one stop before Richmond, at Kew Gardens and walked to the gardens. The journey was about 45 minutes. In Kew Gardens, we saw a lot of trees: banana, papaya, jackfruit, tamaro, pineapple and mango, many many fruits and a lot of vegetables from all over the world. We saw cane sugar growing. We went in a big greenhouse and saw a lot of bamboo. It was very hot in the greenhouse and nice and clean. Many tourists were there from inside and outside London. It was a nice day and we really enjoyed it.

by Fathama Taz Zhoora and Sufia Begum

Saturday Sewing

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£12.00: 3 hours Part time run by Anjum Ishtiaq at Heba Womens Project next starting 14th Sep 2013

Sylhetti Course

Book now” Want to learn Sylhetti at Heba? Click on the button to sign up for a 6 week course of language and culture from this most famous region of Bangladesh. It’s just £30 for our pilot course if you hurry…

Sylhetti Course

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Kew Gardens 2013


The Tropical Glasshouse


Having fun with nature!


Beautiful greenery


British weather


Floral garden party